Broad area: Judgment, Decision making and Preferences  

A large part of the day is filled with judgments and decisions we make about resources, people and society; retrospectively and prospectively. I have been interested in cognitive mechanisms and processing styles underling judgments and choices.

Ongoing work:

Judgments about ourselves: My current interest is broadly to understand how we make judgments about our own selves – judgments about feelings, emotions, happiness, perception, knowledge etc.  This is related in a way to my larger interest in well-being. What cues do we use? How do we do it? What knowledge comes handy?

Role of Cognitive abilities: I am keen to explore the role of basic cognitive abilities in our higher order judgments, planning and decision making with emphasis on happiness and well-being.

At times, I have been involved with others to measure social preferences of people across groups on some key aspects of everyday cognition. As a side interest, I like the idea of replicating previous findings to gauge the validity of findings related to my interests in attention, judgment and decision making.

Previous work:

Attention & modes of processing in judgments and decisions:  A lot of our individual judgments and decisions are based on modes of thinking.  Attention is a cognitive process that selects useful information based on the task, environment, demands and kind of information processing styles employed underlying dual-mode models.  It seems that attention  strategically works as a filtering heuristic based on social learning or induces a processing style through which we  mobilize our decisions and make judgments. From this research, I try to see how valuation can also be seen from the lens of different modes of information processing.

Projects and grants: 

  • Postdoctoral fellowship grant by Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India under cognitive science research initiative to study the influence of monetary changes (like price or outcome) on affective processes in our brains (with Prof. Arvind Sahay at IIM Ahmedabad) . 2014-2016. 

  • Influence of reference prices on purchase intentions and hedonic valuation of gold in India (funded by the Gold Policy centre, IIM Ahmedabad supported by World Gold Council) with Prof. Arvind Sahay. 2015-2016. 

  • Co-investigator in a project titled “A cognitivist exploration of privacy”. Grant by Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India under cognitive science research initiative (with Dr. Jaison A. Manjaly at IIT Gandhinagar). 2011-2014.