Broad area: Preferences, Judgment, Decision making

Current topics: 


  • Affective psychology of time:  How people treat and value time? (and  compare it with how people value money)
  • Time use: The dynamics of unpaid time investments in daily life activities (and what can be done to increase well-being).
  • Lived/experienced time and Cognition: Are there predictable links between experiential time use and one’s cognitive processes?
  • The concept of time : How do people understand / have historically understood the concept of time?

Information use

  • How much information do we need to make good judgments?
  • What is the source of information?
  • How and which cues are useful?
  • What role does attention play in information selection


:Previous topic:

Affective psychology of money:

  • How people value monetary outcomes?
  • What psychological role does money play?


Monetary support and grants (public disclosure):

  • Principal Investigator in “Affective influence of price changes”. We explored the effect of monetary changes on predicted affect and on product perception  (Postdoctoral fellowship funded by DST, Govt. of India mentored by  Prof. Arvind Sahay at IIM Ahmedabad) . 2014-2016. 

  • Co-investigator in “Influence of reference prices on purchase intentions and hedonic valuation of gold in India” (funded by the Gold Policy center, IIM Ahmedabad supported by World Gold Council) with Prof. Arvind Sahay. 2015-2016. 

  • Co-investigator in “A cognitivist exploration of privacy”. Grant by Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India under cognitive science research initiative with Dr. Jaison A. Manjaly at IIT Gandhinagar. 2011-2014.