Broad area: Preferences, Judgment, Decision making  

Psychology of non-monetary resources

A large part of the day is filled with judgments and decisions we make about products, people, society and ourselves; retrospectively and prospectively.  One important aspect of thinking is about resources.  I use the term resources to mean (a) attentional bandwidth, (b)cognitive capabilities, (c) time and (d) health capital. Studying how these non-monetary resources guide our lived experiences (with some link-back to money) can help us understand how we work out the dynamics of resources across very different contexts. Questions are mainly in the following threads: (a) What is the basic value function for these, (b) how does investment, use and trading of these resources influence decisions, judgments and well-being, and (c) how do we perceive these resources for ourself versus others.


Projects and Grants: 

  • Principal Investigator in “Affective influence of price changes”. We explored the effect of monetary changes on predicted affect and on product perception  (Postdoctoral fellowship funded by DST, Govt. of India mentored by  Prof. Arvind Sahay at IIM Ahmedabad) . 2014-2016. 

  • Co-investigator in “Influence of reference prices on purchase intentions and hedonic valuation of gold in India” (funded by the Gold Policy center, IIM Ahmedabad supported by World Gold Council) with Prof. Arvind Sahay. 2015-2016. 

  • Co-investigator in “A cognitivist exploration of privacy”. Grant by Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India under cognitive science research initiative with Dr. Jaison A. Manjaly at IIT Gandhinagar. 2011-2014.